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Golden Orbs of the Melted Shield

It was said in ages past, that the god Aroden forged a great shield made of of the light of the blazing sun. In this shield, the Last Azlanti, imbued his righteousness and hatred of evil so that, even should he fall, and the realm turn to darkness, hope could be renewed. Yet, when Aroden fell, his shield too, was lost, not surfacing again for over 3 millennia.

In 4548 A.R. a knight of Aroden called Kandara led a sortie into the World Wound to defeat a particularly malignant group of demons. She succeeded, and came back once again with the Sheild of the Sun.

The shield found itself born by many righteous paladins through almost another 2 centuries, when, in 4706 it came to Reginale of the Green. An exceptional man, and even more exceptional knight, Reginale was, however, prideful. In his arrogance, Reginale attracted the attention of Asmodeus who swore to undo the knight.

Little is known about how exactly Asmodeus turned the knight to his own nefarious ends, but it is known that Reginale undertook a mission to destroy the shield by casting it into the Well of Eternal Night. Reginale succeeded, but during his mission fell from grace and thus not quite meeting the criteria to destroy the shield, the artifact was shattered in a brilliant explosion of power, leaving bits of itself far and wide across Golarion.

These bits take the form of glowing golden liquid that, when harvested properly can later be used to wield a tiny fraction of the power of Aroden himself. When dormant, the liquid hangs suspended in the air in the form of a Golden Orb.

Using the Golden Orb involves a special ritual at dawn in which one recites prayers and dabs the liquid on his forehead, and shield arm. Once so anointed, the Orb takes on the form of a Golden Shield for 24 hours.

While active this grants a +7 shield bonus to the bearer and enables the wearer to cast spells as if she were a Paladin of 20th level with a Charisma of 20. In addition, the shield grants spell resistance 15 and also absorbs the first 10 points of any energy damage dealt to the wearer as if the wearer had energy resistance to acid, cold, fire, electricity and sonic.

Once used in this manner, the shield fades with the next rising of the sun. It is said, though, that once every Golden Orb is found and used by a righteous person to defeat evil then the Shield of the Sun itself will be reformed on the side of the righteous.


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