Jade Regent

Night of Frozen Shadows

The story thus far, sessions 8-13

Starting date: Calistril 8, 4715 A.R.
End date: Pharast 28, 4715 A.R.

The journey to Kalsgard

Sand Points North traveled from Brinewall Castle to the southern edges of Avistan, in the Land of the Linnorm Kings. They stopped at a curiosity along the way. An Ulfen longship on top of a hill, with no water for miles in any direction. Stories ranged from the improbable (a giant’s toy having been placed there by the Storm Titan’s mother) to the impossible (a flood, the likes of which has never again been seen by the world). Still, the boat itself was obviously well constructed and of ancient origin, and as such had attracted an eclectic following, a tourist shop, and a Giant named Ur.

Upon the journey they were spied upon by a blood feather raven, a bad omen, they later learned was named Wodes, and ambushed by many many Ulfen warriors bearing a golden armband in the shape of a lion.



Upon arrival in Kalsgard, the heroes wisely left the caravan safely at a secure location, and set about investigating. Early on they found rumors of shadowy figures paying for information about people matching their description. These reports escalated into several forms of mischief including a pickpocket and assassination attempt. Following up on leads about the sword Suishen, the heroes met with Fynn Snaevald, and learned that the sword had been stolen by none other than Asvig Longthews. Coincidentally, Asvig’s sigil was a lion head, similar to the armband on the Ulfen assassins sent after the heroes.

Naturally, the heroes went to Asvig’s to talk with him, and even more naturally, they burned the place to the ground.

Sessions: 8
Experience earned: 1920 to Durok Redshield, Gilchanar, Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan, Stuart Mageson, Daniyor Jal Raxease
Near death experiences: None :(
Enemies defeated: 20 Ulfen Warriors, Asvig Longthews and his wife Helva


Acting on information from Asvig’s, the heroes rushed to a planned Ulfen funeral for Snorri Stone-Eye. They believed a tracker named Ulf Gormundr was going to be burned alive inside Snorri’s ship. On the way they met Uksahkka, a Varki tracker and friend of Ulf’s.


Uksahkka helped the heroes learn to kayak, a peculiar, but stealthy, form of boating. After a scuffle with a monstrous crab, and several attempts by Stuart Mageson to drown, the heroes made it to the funeral ship. While on board, they discovered no sign of Ulf, but they did find Snorri, still animated, despite being dead. On their way out, the heroes were ambushed by ninjas, each of whom bore a strange figuring of a jade raven. In a chaotic fight, the PCs emerged victorious, and Stuart emerged soggy. Naturally, the boat was set ablaze.

Sessions: 9

Experience earned: 2160xp to Durok Redshield, Gilchanar, Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan, Stuart Mageson, Daniyor Jal Raxease
Near death experiences: Daniyor Jal Raxease knocked out, Gilchanar was poisoned and nearly drowned, Stuart Mageson nearly drowned 6 times
Enemies defeated: 4 ninjas, 1 draugr (formerly Snorri Stone-eye) and 1 shark eating crab driven off

Back to Kalsgard

The heroes returned to Kalsgard, only to find their friend Uksahkka had been kidnapped, and the temple of Shelyn where they were supposed to meet under attack by a giant monster made of stone. Stuart Mageson let loose a power cord from the Guitar of Destiny and made it disappear in an eyeblink. After some investigation they found a poisoned dart near where Uksahkka had been hiding out and learned of the connection between the ninjas and the Rimerunner’s guild via Helgarval, a Casissian angel they mistook for a helmet and liberated from Snorri’s funeral ship.


On their way to investigate the Rimerunners, where by investigate I mean break in and rob, they heroes were intercepted by a powerful ninja assassin named Oomoyani, who poisoned Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan and very nearly killed several of the adventurers. Fortunately, the heroes did still manage to obtain information (and Uksahkka) from the Rimerunner’s guild hall.

Acting on information that Thyrie, the High Skald, was not overly friendly with the Rimerunners, nor their leader, the heroes decided to attend the annual Bard’s Tale competition. The heroes won the games handily, easily out-drinking, out-lying, out-puzzling and out-fighting all of the assorted competitors and earning the admiration of Thyrie. More importantly, they did not burn anything down in the process.


Sessions: 10 and 11 (partial)
Experience earned: 4150xp to Durok Redshield, Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan, Daniyor Jal Raxease, Stuart Mageson and Gilchanar all of whom leveled to 5th. Daniyor Jal Raxease and Durok Redshield both spent 200xp on a single hit point reroll
Near death experiences: None. >:(
Enemies defeated: Oomoyani, 4 Rimerunner guards (fled), 1 Huge Earth Elemental, 4 skill challenges and 1 gladiatorial free-for all



With the information provided by Thyrie, the heroes wisely chose to assault Ravenscraeg in stealth. After a bribe of one bear to a Gare Linnorm, they came upon Ravenscraeg from a secret path. The heroes managed to infiltrate the castle without raising the alarm, then fought an increasingly complex set of pitched battles with ninja, raven men, ravens, spellcasters, the undead, and finally Kitmandatsu herself.

Sessions: 11-13
Experience earned: 8,400xp to Durok Redshield, Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan and Stuart Mageson, Gilchanar (who became an NPC afterwards) 3500 to and Daniyor Jal Raxease and 4900 to Ulf “Aud” Gormundr who joined the party (and needs to make a character page). All but Daniyor Jal Raxease reached Level 6, and Durok Redshield spent 250xp to reroll.
Near death experiences: None!
Enemies defeated: 1 ochre jelly, 16 ninjas, 4 tengu ninjas, 8 ulfen thugs, Wodes, 4 executioners hoods, 6 zombies, 3 raven swarms, 1 werebear captain, 1 hellwasp swarm not released, Goti Runecaster (aka Grek Narwhal) and the Oni Kitmandatsu (aka Thorborg Silverskorr)


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