Jade Regent

We Be Goblin Monkeys

Goblin assassins and leapin' lizards

Abadius 1, 4715 AR, Sandpoint

Ameiko Kaijitsu and Sandru Vhiski travel to Magnimar in order for Ameiko to obtain liquor supplies for the coming year. Shalelu Andosona meanwhile is investigating reports of increased goblin activity along the Lost Coast Road. Kenneth Whiteoak and Abraxus the Athlete are asked to watch the Rusty Dragon, and keep a sharp eye on Ameiko’s new cook, whom she suspects of stealing.

The party decides to celebrate Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan‘s birthday, with Ameiko’s blessing, at the Rusty Dragon. Meanwhile, Daniyor Jal Raxease learns that there has been some trouble with goblins along the lost coast road. Specially she learned from a local at the Pixie’s Kitten, that the Licktoad tribe of goblins have obtained fireworks, and they’re using them to attack merchant caravans. Three days earlier, some adventurers came into town after the goblin bounty and went looking for them, but haven’t been heard from since.

The birthday celebration came to an abrupt end, with the high-pitched shrieks of Frank, a local cobbler, running down the stairs being attacked by lizards. The party later learned that some goblins who had snuck into town looking for Shalelu Andosona, to collect a bounty on her head, had set loose the lizards from Shalelu’s private collection. Still more lizards dropped out of the rafters onto the PCs and chaos ensued for several rounds ending with 3 dead lizards, and 5 recaptured, primarily by Abraxus and Daniyor.

Upon investigation, the party discovered the body of the suspicious cook, who had his throat slit by a goblin kukri blade. When they were searching his body, they found a faded green tattoo of a scorpion on his chest. Luke Moonsong recognized this as a slaver’s guild tattoo for the Jade Scorpions, the very same slaver scum who kidnapped his sister!

Zap saw the bloody goblin boot print on the window sill, and just as Stuart turned to sound the alarm, 3 goblin assassins appeared. In the ensuing fight, Stuart was gutted and dropped to the ground (twice). Meanwhile, Abraxus clubbed one goblin to death, Dani fell down a trapdoor only to return and get the killing blow on another goblin after Kenneth slit the throat of the goblin harassing both of them.

After the fight, Zap pointed out that these goblins were Monkey Goblins, a particularly nasty breed from a nearby tropical island, who are usually in league with or even members of, the Red Mantis assassin’s guild. On the goblin’s corpses, they found a wanted poster which Zap translated. On one side was a crude drawing of Shalelu with a bounty out for her death (and only her death) signed by some kind of goblin chief (the linguistics skill only gets you so far). On the back was an even cruder drawing of Kenneth, and a bounty for him alive and delivered to the Jade Scorpions. The drawing of Kenneth was more recent than the one of Shalelu.

Attendees: Abraxus the Athlete, Daniyor Jal Raxease, Kenneth Whiteoak, Luke Moonsong, Stuart Mageson, Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan
Experience (each): 200
RIP: The cook, 3 monkey goblins, 3 lizards
Near death experiences: Stuart (twice)
Quests complete: None, but 3 goblin ears worth 30gp were obtained.


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