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The Story Thus Far

Session 2-7 synopsis

Session 2-3

The fate of the Licktoads

Goblin ambush by nickillus

The heroes invaded the Licktoad goblin village, fighting off several waves of combatants armed with fireworks. Eventually they invaded the throne room of Rendwattle Gutwad. Armed also with more powerful explosives, the goblin chief managed to strike down several of the heroes, including Abraxus the Athlete, Luke Moonsong and Daniyor Jal Raxease. Just as all hope seemed lost and Gutwad raised his spear to end the life of Stuart Mageson, fate intervened. As his spear came down, his flailing, and obscenely long, tongue caught the edge of the spear and was ripped open, causing the chief to scream and fall back. Stuart Mageson used the opportunity to heal Luke Moonsong and together they managed to defeat the chief.

The remaining licktoad goblins were either dead, or fled deeper into the marsh, never to trouble Sandpoint again. Sadly, when the dust settled, Abraxus the Athlete was no longer among the living. The heroes took him to the undertaker Kerribal the Reaper, who, alarmingly, agreed to accompany them. In his grief at his own failure to save Abraxus, Luke Moonsong left for Magnimar to follow up on a lead on his long lost sister.

The legacy of Brinewall


Following up on a map discovered in the Licktoad village, the heroes set out to discover more about strange ships the goblins found. It seems the Licktoads acquired their fireworks from an ancient convoy of ships named Kaijitsu Star and_Kaijitsu Blossom_ respectively. These ships bore the name of their friend Ameiko Kaijitsu and this naturally aroused the heroes’ curiosity. The wreckage of the second ship contained more than just memories as corpses of the dead rose up to attack.

Once discovered, the undead were easy to track back to a cave in the cliff walls at the south end of the brinestump marsh. The heroes then faced down the ancient undead remnant of Tssutamu, a Kaijitsu family bodyguard. From his corpse, the heroes acquired the Whispering Shrike and later its secret letter.

Session 3 – 7

A caravan is born

Acting on the request of Ameiko Kaijitsu the heroes purchase supplies for Sandru Vhiski‘s caravan. Somewhat bemused by the request, Sandru tells Zap that he will act as an adviser but the decisions must be the heroes’. The party sets off northeast towards Galduria from Sandpoint. Along the way they encounter a huckster caravan and several bandit ambushes that encourage them to investigate further.

Bandits and death

The heroes tracked down defeated the bandits, and their leader, albeit by the skin of their teeth and with the unexpected help of Milosh and Gilchanar. Milosh, an old friend of Luke’s, had been tracking down the bandits by way of a slave trader, and indeed, the heroes found the bandits were slavers. In fact, one young girl was still alive and in captivity. An Ulfen girl named Kinna Oxgutter, she agreed to come with the caravan as they were traveling north. Gil, however, had been sent south urgently by Shalelu Andosona and Koya Mvashti who had discovered an atrocity in the forest not far from their current position.

The caravan, later named Sand Points North, had made it safely, nonwithstanding a minor encounter with a goblin raiding party, around the Churlwood and to Roderic’s Cove. There Shalelu Andosona and Koya Mvashti had set off south to find the party. Instead, they had found the remnants of a slaughtered village. The villagers hadn’t merely been killed, but actually strung up, their innards and blood used in desecration so foul as to nauseate even the bravest of the heroes. Kerribal the Reaper and Kenneth Whiteoak decided to remain behind to clean up the village and track down the men responsible, one of whom was the bandit “king” Sheo already in custody. Apparently, though, he was only one of an unholy alliance of Lamashtu and Rovagug worshipers. Suitably chilled by the implications, the rest of the heroes let the two stay behind to follow up on these developments. Durok Redshield, the sole remaining adult survivor of the attack, agreed to accompany the heroes as a guard after being pulled from beneath debris by Shalelu Andosona.


Brinewall Legacy

Sand Points North made its way north, following up on a treasure map, they met the Wandering Star Caravan, located the Basalt Monolith and found a treasure chest containing the Frog of Answers before arriving at Brinewall Castle.

The town itself was a ruin, but the graveyard was surprisingly well maintained. The heroes discovered this was in part due to the ministrations of an Azata priestess of Desna named Spivey. The priestess told them of a secret treasure buried by an old gnomish explorer that might help them in their quest.

The heroes used the secret entrance into the dungeon, and managed to ambush the ogre jailer. From the jail, they rescued Kelda Oxgutter and made it look as though Troglodytes fought with the Ogre Jailer. From there, the heroes encountered a half-fiend Decapus who lured Stuart Mageson to a near death experience in the temple of Pharasma. Though taken by surprise, the heroes managed to slay the beast, and found vital clues to the mystery of Brinewall, though Milosh was poisoned with a supernatural disease that incapacitated him for several weeks.

Liberating Brinewall


Though confused somewhat by the apparent death of the monstrous Decapus the inhabitants of Brinwall worshiped, the PC’s deception proved fruitful, and the denizens sent out search parties looking for, apparently, the brother of the Ogre jailer. Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan came up with a plan to ambush the searchers, and it worked. It also put the PCs into contact with a harpy named Zaoibe, who offered them an intriguing proposition. Help her defeat her ex-lover, the keeper of Brinewall, the Yambushi Tengu named Kikonu.

Zaiobe’s ambush proved effective, and, unsurprisingly, she turned on the heroes at the last minute, once she was sure Kikonu had been struck down. The heroes defeated her as well, though not without cost. Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan was shot! After that, it was merely a matter of mopping up some of the remaining inhabitants of the castle, including a priest of the demon god infesting the Decapus they fought previously.

From there, the heroes made their way below the castle, and unlocked the secrets of Brinewall Castle. In the third vault, they found numerous treasures seemingly custom made for them, as if fate itself had conspired to bring them to this place. But more importantly, they discovered the Warding Box and its contents, the Amatatsu Seal and all of its legacy was revealed to them in a vision.


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