Jade Regent

The end of Ravenscraeg and a message from the King



With Kitmandatsu destroyed, and Ravenscraeg occupied by the heroes of Sand Points North, the heroes have a few days to rest.


Lute Haggersly, the prisoner the heroes freed early in exploration of the castle, returns to Kalsgard to tell the tell of what Thorborg Silverskorr really was. A demon allied with a foreign land. The revelation shocks the citizens of Kalsgard, and Sveinn Blood-Eagle, Thane of the city, immediately orders the cessation of all Rimerunner operations and seizes their guild hall, trading ships and all assets associated with the organization.

A messenger from the High Skald comes to Ravenscraeg asking for the heroes to return to the city at their earliest convenience. The messenger also brings a small troop of wagons and wagon-men to help unload any goods the heroes wish to claim by right of conquest, as well as a chest full of gold and silver, and a personal message from Sveinn Blood-Eagle.

“Greetings mighty adventurers,

Never before have I been so grateful to outsiders. You have the thanks of Kalsgard, and the thanks of its Thane. You are always welcome in this city. With this note you will find the coins and treasure contained in the Rimerunner’s guild hall when it was seized. I believe this belongs rightfully to you.

I am given to understand that you have a caravan and may be seeking to trade in lands north. If you are willing to do business with me, and I believe you will find it lucrative, please speak to Thyrie about expanding trade to the Varki people."

[The message is signed by the king and sealed with his signet (a DC 10 knowledge nobility roll reveals this, a DC 20 linguistics check reveals no evidence of forgery).

The wagon contains a chest with 2,200 gp worth of rare coins and gold bullion. The wagon itself is full of supplies and repair materials suitable for Caravan use. In game mechanic terms consider this 5,000 gp that can be spent to repair, enhance or purchase new non-perishable caravan material.

Finally, a thorough search of the castle reveals the following items:

17 Golden Armbands worth 50gp each.
50 Amethysts worth 30gp each.
1 rough, but very large, diamond, worth 1,200gp.
50 gallons of ale, unspoiled.
Mortar, nails and other building supplies worth 10 build points in kingdom building terms.
Enough meat and bread for 150 days of food for 1 person, though it’s already starting to spoil.]


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