Jade Regent

The "visions" of Snorri Stone-Eye

Summarized ravings of a madman, or a glimpse of the future?

Upon some scrolls found in a chest in the cloakroom of Ravenscraeg, the heroes found some tiny scribbled Skald writing. Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan deciphered the writings, finding a clue to the hiding place of a beneficial magical item, and Snorri Stone-Eyes final vision.


It seems Sorri built Ravenscraeg as a nearly impenetrable sanctuary because he was afraid of something he had forseen. The Mad Reaver claimed that his magical artifical eye gave him the “second sight,” allowing him to peer into both the past and future to see the way things were the way things would be. he predicted that there would come a time when the very gods waged war against each other upon Golarion and the Rough Beast would slip his chains to ravage the world. Stone-Eye claimed that only those who were prepared would be spared the devastation and enjoy the fruits of a world ripe for conquest when the gods had destroyed themselves and the dust had settled. The Mad Reaver, would weather the storm in this safe hold, “the most powerful castle ever built,” from which he would emerge as the strongest power into the North.


What’s with the photo of a post it about contemplating art construction? It is a little surreal.

The "visions" of Snorri Stone-Eye
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