Gilchanar is a cleric of Desna and one of the younger members of the elven Crying Leaf outpost. Since his initiation into the faith, he has received dreams of traveling throughout the Varisia to reclaim lost shrines and other holy sites dedicated to the goddess.

Two decades ago, he petitioned the leaders of Crying Leaf to give him leave to explore the Storval Plateau and the rest of northern Varisia, arguing that if there are ancient mysteries to be found in the homeland of his deity, they could likely help in the ongoing war with the Drow and perhaps the eventual retaking of Celwynvian. Given that the conflict with the dark elves has been at a stalemate for as long as anyone can remember, the leaders eventually agreed.

To prepare for his trek, Gilchanar apprenticed himself to Shalelu, with whom he has roamed the Sanos Forest and the edges of the Iron Peaks, developing his skills in the wild and learning as much as he can of the passes that lead to the Storval Plateau.

Until recently, it has always felt as if Shalelu were humoring him, playing the scripted role of the master to Gilchanar’s apprentice. Several weeks ago, though, she asked him earnestly to travel with her, as if she were inviting him to be an equal companion. Naturally, he agreed, and has wound up in Sandpoint at her side, wondering why this place has been a regular stopover for her rangings. It has made him realize that, despite all their time together, he does not know her very well; and that there is more to present-day Varisia than ruins and feelings of wanderlust, no matter how divine their inspiration.


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