Frog of Answers


Aura strong (divination); CL 10th
Slot none; Weight 5lbs

The frog of answers allows its bearer to cast the spells Commune and Speak With Dead. Its power comes from Desna and only such things aligned with the goddess’ interest, or at least, not directly in opposition, will be revealed. Commune can be used by the Frog once per month, recharging on the traveler’s moon (half, waxing). Speak With Dead can be used once per week (recharging on Moonday). In both cases the spell functions as if cast by a cleric of 10th level and the appropriate alignment to follow Desna.


The heroes of Sand Points North found the frog in a chest near a Basalt Monolith. Later diagrams found in a treasure chest near Brinewall Castle indicated the frog’s connection to Minkai and, in particular, the secrets of Brinewall.

Frog of Answers

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