Hikoko Seal

A medallion with a wave motif, crests breaking and falling over the edges


Aura strong (all schools); CL 20th
Slot amulet or ring (at will); Weight —

This metallic medallion features a wave breaking over itself around each edge of the amulet. It is one of five royal seals of Minkai, and represents the Hikoko’s family’s divine right to nobility advising the Amatatsu’s within the empire of Minkai. Should no Hikokos of pure blood be able to take up that charge, however, the Seal can invest the right to nobility as a Hikoko in any number of living humanoid hosts. These Hikoko scions often experience a series of visions of the past, present, and possible future.


Alignment N; Ego 18
Senses 60 ft. sight/tremorsense, detect Hikoko scions, read languages
Int 16, Wis 12, Cha 10
Communication empathy, telepathy with Suishen (100 feet)
Conferred Abilities
Resist Energy (cold) (as a ring of cold resistance, minor)
The seal has 10 ranks in heal, which it can convey upon its wearer at need.
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20th)
At will – detect poison, stabilize, create water
3/day – comprehend languages, see alignment, share language

The Hikoko Seal functions as a ring of wizardry (type 1) regardless of whether in amulet or ring form.

Although the seal is neutral, any Amatatsu scion or member of the Hikoko clan, regardless of alignment, can wear the seal without gaining a negative level. This boon is at the Seal’s discretion, however, and should such a scion ever betray the family or prove unworthy, the seal can reinstate this penalty and cause a personality conflict.

In addition, the seal can communicate telepathically with Suishen and defers to the sword’s judgement on matters of politics, honor and worthiness.

The seal has a number of additional abilities as well, though it reveals these powers to its wielder only after she has shown herself clever and worthy of bearing the family’s heirloom. Each time the seal’s wearer is involved in a fight in which an Oni of the Five Storms (such as Kimandatsu) is killed, the wielder is made aware of one new power. If a new person takes up the seal, that person must learn the additional powers all over again.

Revealed Powers

  • Tongues on wearer (at will)
  • Create Water becomes Control Water (at will)
  • Break Enchantment as a swift action 1/day (wearer only)
  • Break Enchantment (at will) as the spell
  • Minor Energy Resistance Cold (10) becomes Energy Resistance Cold (20)
  • Ring of Wizardry I becomes Ring of Wizardry III
  • Telepathic Bond (at will, must include wearer)
  • Water Walk (at will)
  • 10 ranks in heal become 20 ranks in heal

All powers currently revealed to Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan, Durok Redshield, Daniyor Jal Raxease and Stuart Mageson


Hikoko Seal

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