Robes of Maru Maru

Green robes embossed with gold entwined vines and leaves that seem to grow and twist


Aura strong (all schools); CL 20th
Slot body; Weight —

These coarse woolen robes are surprisingly comfortable once donned. Green in color, but set with twining golden vines and leaves that seem to writhe and twist, the inner lining is dark gold fading to deep earth brown. Once worn by Maru Maru, an ancient prophet of Kisai , the robes retain a bit of memory that animates and guides them.


Alignment N; Ego 22
Senses 60 ft. darkvision, detect royal scions, detect plants (constant)
Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 16
Communication empathy, telepathy with the wearer
Conferred Abilities
Resist Energy (acid) (as a ring of acid resistance, minor)

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20th)
At will – detect enchantment, purify food and drink, stabilize
3/day – cure moderate wounds on the wearer

Similar to Robes of Arcane Heritage the wearer of the robes treats her Oracle level as 4 higher for the purpose of determining mystery spells and abilities.

Although the robes are neutral, any Amatatsu scion or member of one of the five royal families of Minkai, regardless of alignment, can wear them without gaining a negative level. This boon is at the robes’ discretion, however, and should such a scion ever betray the family or prove unworthy, the robes can reinstate this penalty and cause a personality conflict.

In addition, the robe can communicate telepathically with its wearer.

The robes have a number of additional abilities as well, though they reveal these powers to its wielder only after she has shown herself clever and worthy of bearing the heirloom. Each time the robes’ wearer is involved in a fight in which an Oni of the Five Storms (such as Kimandatsu) is killed, the wearer is made aware of one new power. If a new person takes up the robes, that person must learn the additional powers all over again.

Revealed Powers

  • Circle of Protection Against Evil (constant)
  • Breath of Life (1/day) on wearer or touched targets, as the spell
  • Barkskin (1/day) on wearer
  • Greater Restoration (1/day) on wearer or touched targets, as the spell
  • Heal (1/day) on wearer or touched targets, as the spell

Currently revealed to Stuart Mageson, Daniyor Jal Raxease, Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan and Durok Redshield


Robes of Maru Maru

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