Spellbook of Yugareda Shosaito

A black leather bound tome full of magical writing


Spells by level

7th – greater shadow conjuration, waves of exhaustion, simulacrum, finger of death

6th – chain lightning, shadow walk, summon monster VI, create undead, programmed image

5th – interposing hand, magic jar, shadow evocation, cone of cold, permanency, mage’s private sanctum,

4th – enervation, fear, phantasmal killer, shadow conjuration, shout, stoneskin, greater invisibility, shadow projection, detect scrying

3rd – lightning bolt, dispel magic, displacement, ray of exhaustion, vampiric touch, major image, animate dead, water breathing

2nd – command undead, darkness, false life, see invisibility, mirror image, false life, minor image, bull’s strength, cat’s grace, gentle repose

1st – silent image, magic missile, alarm, color spray, mage armor, shield, ray of enfeeblement, ventriloquism

Cantrips: All


Taken by Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan from the body of Yugareda himself.

Spellbook of Yugareda Shosaito

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