The Red Shield of Chiyashi Rei

A crystalline red shield pulsing with a reddish inner light


Alignment N; Ego 20
Senses 120 ft. sight/blindsense, detect scions of Minkai
Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 16
Communication empathy (120 feet)
Conferred Abilities
Resist Energy (fire) (as a ring of fire resistance, minor)
The shield has 10 ranks in perception, which it can convey upon its wearer at need.
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20th)
At will – spark, drench
1/day – Wall of Force (though unlike the spell, it extends from the shield in both directions as balanced as possible)

The shield functions as a +3 heavy steel shield (though it weighs only 1 pound). It sheds light as a candle, though can be extinguished with a thought. In addition, unlike normal enchanted shields, the shield’s enhancement bonus applies both to its armor class and when used as a weapon.

Although the shield is neutral, any scion of the five royal families of Minkai, regardless of alignment, can wear the shield without gaining a negative level. This boon is at the shield’s discretion, however, and should such a scion ever betray the family or prove unworthy, the shield can reinstate this penalty and cause a personality conflict.

The shield has a number of additional abilities as well, though it reveals these powers to its wielder only after she has shown herself brave, selfless and worthy of bearing the heirloom. Each time the shield’s wearer is involved in a fight in which an Oni of the Five Storms is killed, the wielder is made aware of one new power. If a new person takes up the shield, that person must learn the additional powers all over again.

Revealed Powers

  • Bashing
  • Resist Energy (Fire) becomes Protection from Energy (Fire) (at will)
  • Ghost Touch (also applies to the bashing property of the shield)
  • The shield enhancement bonus increases from +3 → +4
  • Resilient Sphere must be centered on wearer (1/day)
  • Wall of Force 1/day becomes 4/day

All powers currently revealed to Durok Redshield, Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan, Daniyor Jal Raxease, Stuart Mageson


This crystalline heavy shield is as hard as steel, yet weighs only 1 pound. Delicate bas relief kanji decorate the surface of the shield and it pulses with a regular inner light. At times the shield pulses more quickly and at times more slowly, though it is not clear why. The shield contains the spirit of a guardian of Minkai. While her original name is lost, in legend she was referred to as Chiyashi Rei, which roughly translates to soul of a castle.

The Red Shield of Chiyashi Rei

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