Jade Regent

A brief history of recent events in Sandpoint

Five years before our adventure begins, the town of Sandpoint was beset by goblins who attempted to burn down the town’s cathedral. Thanks to quick actions of several, now legendary, town heroes, the city was saved from the goblin assault and the cathedral itself still stands.

Goblin attack 2

At the time, there were several tribes of goblins in the area, lead by different goblin chieftains. Today, only the Licktoad Goblins remain. Little is known about the Licktoads, save that their new chieftain hates and resents humans, and that they seem to make their home in the soggy marsh to the southwest.

Shalelu Andosona often patrols the less settled roads to the south, and serves as the de facto warden of Sandpoint. She played a pivotal role in warning the heroes about the goblin attack and her warning saved the town from destruction.

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