Jade Regent

Night of Frozen Shadows
The story thus far, sessions 8-13

Starting date: Calistril 8, 4715 A.R.
End date: Pharast 28, 4715 A.R.

The journey to Kalsgard

Sand Points North traveled from Brinewall Castle to the southern edges of Avistan, in the Land of the Linnorm Kings. They stopped at a curiosity along the way. An Ulfen longship on top of a hill, with no water for miles in any direction. Stories ranged from the improbable (a giant’s toy having been placed there by the Storm Titan’s mother) to the impossible (a flood, the likes of which has never again been seen by the world). Still, the boat itself was obviously well constructed and of ancient origin, and as such had attracted an eclectic following, a tourist shop, and a Giant named Ur.

Upon the journey they were spied upon by a blood feather raven, a bad omen, they later learned was named Wodes, and ambushed by many many Ulfen warriors bearing a golden armband in the shape of a lion.



Upon arrival in Kalsgard, the heroes wisely left the caravan safely at a secure location, and set about investigating. Early on they found rumors of shadowy figures paying for information about people matching their description. These reports escalated into several forms of mischief including a pickpocket and assassination attempt. Following up on leads about the sword Suishen, the heroes met with Fynn Snaevald, and learned that the sword had been stolen by none other than Asvig Longthews. Coincidentally, Asvig’s sigil was a lion head, similar to the armband on the Ulfen assassins sent after the heroes.

Naturally, the heroes went to Asvig’s to talk with him, and even more naturally, they burned the place to the ground.

Sessions: 8
Experience earned: 1920 to Durok Redshield, Gilchanar, Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan, Stuart Mageson, Daniyor Jal Raxease
Near death experiences: None :(
Enemies defeated: 20 Ulfen Warriors, Asvig Longthews and his wife Helva


Acting on information from Asvig’s, the heroes rushed to a planned Ulfen funeral for Snorri Stone-Eye. They believed a tracker named Ulf Gormundr was going to be burned alive inside Snorri’s ship. On the way they met Uksahkka, a Varki tracker and friend of Ulf’s.


Uksahkka helped the heroes learn to kayak, a peculiar, but stealthy, form of boating. After a scuffle with a monstrous crab, and several attempts by Stuart Mageson to drown, the heroes made it to the funeral ship. While on board, they discovered no sign of Ulf, but they did find Snorri, still animated, despite being dead. On their way out, the heroes were ambushed by ninjas, each of whom bore a strange figuring of a jade raven. In a chaotic fight, the PCs emerged victorious, and Stuart emerged soggy. Naturally, the boat was set ablaze.

Sessions: 9

Experience earned: 2160xp to Durok Redshield, Gilchanar, Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan, Stuart Mageson, Daniyor Jal Raxease
Near death experiences: Daniyor Jal Raxease knocked out, Gilchanar was poisoned and nearly drowned, Stuart Mageson nearly drowned 6 times
Enemies defeated: 4 ninjas, 1 draugr (formerly Snorri Stone-eye) and 1 shark eating crab driven off

Back to Kalsgard

The heroes returned to Kalsgard, only to find their friend Uksahkka had been kidnapped, and the temple of Shelyn where they were supposed to meet under attack by a giant monster made of stone. Stuart Mageson let loose a power cord from the Guitar of Destiny and made it disappear in an eyeblink. After some investigation they found a poisoned dart near where Uksahkka had been hiding out and learned of the connection between the ninjas and the Rimerunner’s guild via Helgarval, a Casissian angel they mistook for a helmet and liberated from Snorri’s funeral ship.


On their way to investigate the Rimerunners, where by investigate I mean break in and rob, they heroes were intercepted by a powerful ninja assassin named Oomoyani, who poisoned Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan and very nearly killed several of the adventurers. Fortunately, the heroes did still manage to obtain information (and Uksahkka) from the Rimerunner’s guild hall.

Acting on information that Thyrie, the High Skald, was not overly friendly with the Rimerunners, nor their leader, the heroes decided to attend the annual Bard’s Tale competition. The heroes won the games handily, easily out-drinking, out-lying, out-puzzling and out-fighting all of the assorted competitors and earning the admiration of Thyrie. More importantly, they did not burn anything down in the process.


Sessions: 10 and 11 (partial)
Experience earned: 4150xp to Durok Redshield, Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan, Daniyor Jal Raxease, Stuart Mageson and Gilchanar all of whom leveled to 5th. Daniyor Jal Raxease and Durok Redshield both spent 200xp on a single hit point reroll
Near death experiences: None. >:(
Enemies defeated: Oomoyani, 4 Rimerunner guards (fled), 1 Huge Earth Elemental, 4 skill challenges and 1 gladiatorial free-for all



With the information provided by Thyrie, the heroes wisely chose to assault Ravenscraeg in stealth. After a bribe of one bear to a Gare Linnorm, they came upon Ravenscraeg from a secret path. The heroes managed to infiltrate the castle without raising the alarm, then fought an increasingly complex set of pitched battles with ninja, raven men, ravens, spellcasters, the undead, and finally Kitmandatsu herself.

Sessions: 11-13
Experience earned: 8,400xp to Durok Redshield, Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan and Stuart Mageson, Gilchanar (who became an NPC afterwards) 3500 to and Daniyor Jal Raxease and 4900 to Ulf “Aud” Gormundr who joined the party (and needs to make a character page). All but Daniyor Jal Raxease reached Level 6, and Durok Redshield spent 250xp to reroll.
Near death experiences: None!
Enemies defeated: 1 ochre jelly, 16 ninjas, 4 tengu ninjas, 8 ulfen thugs, Wodes, 4 executioners hoods, 6 zombies, 3 raven swarms, 1 werebear captain, 1 hellwasp swarm not released, Goti Runecaster (aka Grek Narwhal) and the Oni Kitmandatsu (aka Thorborg Silverskorr)

The end of Ravenscraeg and a message from the King



With Kitmandatsu destroyed, and Ravenscraeg occupied by the heroes of Sand Points North, the heroes have a few days to rest.


Lute Haggersly, the prisoner the heroes freed early in exploration of the castle, returns to Kalsgard to tell the tell of what Thorborg Silverskorr really was. A demon allied with a foreign land. The revelation shocks the citizens of Kalsgard, and Sveinn Blood-Eagle, Thane of the city, immediately orders the cessation of all Rimerunner operations and seizes their guild hall, trading ships and all assets associated with the organization.

A messenger from the High Skald comes to Ravenscraeg asking for the heroes to return to the city at their earliest convenience. The messenger also brings a small troop of wagons and wagon-men to help unload any goods the heroes wish to claim by right of conquest, as well as a chest full of gold and silver, and a personal message from Sveinn Blood-Eagle.

“Greetings mighty adventurers,

Never before have I been so grateful to outsiders. You have the thanks of Kalsgard, and the thanks of its Thane. You are always welcome in this city. With this note you will find the coins and treasure contained in the Rimerunner’s guild hall when it was seized. I believe this belongs rightfully to you.

I am given to understand that you have a caravan and may be seeking to trade in lands north. If you are willing to do business with me, and I believe you will find it lucrative, please speak to Thyrie about expanding trade to the Varki people."

[The message is signed by the king and sealed with his signet (a DC 10 knowledge nobility roll reveals this, a DC 20 linguistics check reveals no evidence of forgery).

The wagon contains a chest with 2,200 gp worth of rare coins and gold bullion. The wagon itself is full of supplies and repair materials suitable for Caravan use. In game mechanic terms consider this 5,000 gp that can be spent to repair, enhance or purchase new non-perishable caravan material.

Finally, a thorough search of the castle reveals the following items:

17 Golden Armbands worth 50gp each.
50 Amethysts worth 30gp each.
1 rough, but very large, diamond, worth 1,200gp.
50 gallons of ale, unspoiled.
Mortar, nails and other building supplies worth 10 build points in kingdom building terms.
Enough meat and bread for 150 days of food for 1 person, though it’s already starting to spoil.]

The "visions" of Snorri Stone-Eye
Summarized ravings of a madman, or a glimpse of the future?

Upon some scrolls found in a chest in the cloakroom of Ravenscraeg, the heroes found some tiny scribbled Skald writing. Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan deciphered the writings, finding a clue to the hiding place of a beneficial magical item, and Snorri Stone-Eyes final vision.


It seems Sorri built Ravenscraeg as a nearly impenetrable sanctuary because he was afraid of something he had forseen. The Mad Reaver claimed that his magical artifical eye gave him the “second sight,” allowing him to peer into both the past and future to see the way things were the way things would be. he predicted that there would come a time when the very gods waged war against each other upon Golarion and the Rough Beast would slip his chains to ravage the world. Stone-Eye claimed that only those who were prepared would be spared the devastation and enjoy the fruits of a world ripe for conquest when the gods had destroyed themselves and the dust had settled. The Mad Reaver, would weather the storm in this safe hold, “the most powerful castle ever built,” from which he would emerge as the strongest power into the North.

Visions of Jade

When the heroes of Sand Points North freed the Amatatsu Seal they were marked scions of the house Amatatsu. More, they were a series of visions, detailed herein.

The PC’s see an army of terrible fiends—with burning skin, glaring eyes, and sharp tusks, wearing strange armor and wielding exotic weapons—emerge in a storm from a vast forest, then descend upon a nation populated by Tian people. This vision is swiftly followed by another: a yong man dressed in royal robes stands over a simple well, a friend at his side. Suddenly, the friend grows nearly three times in size and is sheathed in a frightening suit of jade armor. The jade warrior draws a sword and strikes down his royal friend, then holds the blood sword aloft in triumph. A third vision follows, this time of a young Tian man handing a beautiful sword to a richly dressed Ulfen man in exchange for a bag of gold. Finally, this vision fades, and the PCs see their friend Ameiko Kaijitsu waking from her deep sleep, but she is dressed in the finery of an empress. She rises from sleep, not in a humble Varisian caravan, but from a resting spot within the arms of a jade throne.

These visions pass in a heartbeat, and after they do, they impart knowledge to the PCs’ minds. They know that the land they saw invaded by fiends was Minkai, that the man they saw murdered by the jade warrior was Emperor Shigure of Minkai. They know that Ameiko Kaijitsu‘s true family name is Amatatsu, one of the five royal families of Minkai—indeed, the last surviving royal family. The PCs recognize the young Tian man with the sword as Ameiko’s grandfather, Rokuro Kaijitsu, formerly Amatatsu Tsutoku, selling the family’s legendary sword Suishen to the Ulfen merchant Fynn Snaevald, in the city of Kalsgard to finance his family’s flight and exile. The PCs also know that Suishen is intelligent, and can impart much more knowledge of the Amatatsu family’s legacy if recovered. Further, they know that Ameiko herself is the heir of her line.

The Story Thus Far
Session 2-7 synopsis

Session 2-3

The fate of the Licktoads

Goblin ambush by nickillus

The heroes invaded the Licktoad goblin village, fighting off several waves of combatants armed with fireworks. Eventually they invaded the throne room of Rendwattle Gutwad. Armed also with more powerful explosives, the goblin chief managed to strike down several of the heroes, including Abraxus the Athlete, Luke Moonsong and Daniyor Jal Raxease. Just as all hope seemed lost and Gutwad raised his spear to end the life of Stuart Mageson, fate intervened. As his spear came down, his flailing, and obscenely long, tongue caught the edge of the spear and was ripped open, causing the chief to scream and fall back. Stuart Mageson used the opportunity to heal Luke Moonsong and together they managed to defeat the chief.

The remaining licktoad goblins were either dead, or fled deeper into the marsh, never to trouble Sandpoint again. Sadly, when the dust settled, Abraxus the Athlete was no longer among the living. The heroes took him to the undertaker Kerribal the Reaper, who, alarmingly, agreed to accompany them. In his grief at his own failure to save Abraxus, Luke Moonsong left for Magnimar to follow up on a lead on his long lost sister.

The legacy of Brinewall


Following up on a map discovered in the Licktoad village, the heroes set out to discover more about strange ships the goblins found. It seems the Licktoads acquired their fireworks from an ancient convoy of ships named Kaijitsu Star and_Kaijitsu Blossom_ respectively. These ships bore the name of their friend Ameiko Kaijitsu and this naturally aroused the heroes’ curiosity. The wreckage of the second ship contained more than just memories as corpses of the dead rose up to attack.

Once discovered, the undead were easy to track back to a cave in the cliff walls at the south end of the brinestump marsh. The heroes then faced down the ancient undead remnant of Tssutamu, a Kaijitsu family bodyguard. From his corpse, the heroes acquired the Whispering Shrike and later its secret letter.

Session 3 – 7

A caravan is born

Acting on the request of Ameiko Kaijitsu the heroes purchase supplies for Sandru Vhiski‘s caravan. Somewhat bemused by the request, Sandru tells Zap that he will act as an adviser but the decisions must be the heroes’. The party sets off northeast towards Galduria from Sandpoint. Along the way they encounter a huckster caravan and several bandit ambushes that encourage them to investigate further.

Bandits and death

The heroes tracked down defeated the bandits, and their leader, albeit by the skin of their teeth and with the unexpected help of Milosh and Gilchanar. Milosh, an old friend of Luke’s, had been tracking down the bandits by way of a slave trader, and indeed, the heroes found the bandits were slavers. In fact, one young girl was still alive and in captivity. An Ulfen girl named Kinna Oxgutter, she agreed to come with the caravan as they were traveling north. Gil, however, had been sent south urgently by Shalelu Andosona and Koya Mvashti who had discovered an atrocity in the forest not far from their current position.

The caravan, later named Sand Points North, had made it safely, nonwithstanding a minor encounter with a goblin raiding party, around the Churlwood and to Roderic’s Cove. There Shalelu Andosona and Koya Mvashti had set off south to find the party. Instead, they had found the remnants of a slaughtered village. The villagers hadn’t merely been killed, but actually strung up, their innards and blood used in desecration so foul as to nauseate even the bravest of the heroes. Kerribal the Reaper and Kenneth Whiteoak decided to remain behind to clean up the village and track down the men responsible, one of whom was the bandit “king” Sheo already in custody. Apparently, though, he was only one of an unholy alliance of Lamashtu and Rovagug worshipers. Suitably chilled by the implications, the rest of the heroes let the two stay behind to follow up on these developments. Durok Redshield, the sole remaining adult survivor of the attack, agreed to accompany the heroes as a guard after being pulled from beneath debris by Shalelu Andosona.


Brinewall Legacy

Sand Points North made its way north, following up on a treasure map, they met the Wandering Star Caravan, located the Basalt Monolith and found a treasure chest containing the Frog of Answers before arriving at Brinewall Castle.

The town itself was a ruin, but the graveyard was surprisingly well maintained. The heroes discovered this was in part due to the ministrations of an Azata priestess of Desna named Spivey. The priestess told them of a secret treasure buried by an old gnomish explorer that might help them in their quest.

The heroes used the secret entrance into the dungeon, and managed to ambush the ogre jailer. From the jail, they rescued Kelda Oxgutter and made it look as though Troglodytes fought with the Ogre Jailer. From there, the heroes encountered a half-fiend Decapus who lured Stuart Mageson to a near death experience in the temple of Pharasma. Though taken by surprise, the heroes managed to slay the beast, and found vital clues to the mystery of Brinewall, though Milosh was poisoned with a supernatural disease that incapacitated him for several weeks.

Liberating Brinewall


Though confused somewhat by the apparent death of the monstrous Decapus the inhabitants of Brinwall worshiped, the PC’s deception proved fruitful, and the denizens sent out search parties looking for, apparently, the brother of the Ogre jailer. Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan came up with a plan to ambush the searchers, and it worked. It also put the PCs into contact with a harpy named Zaoibe, who offered them an intriguing proposition. Help her defeat her ex-lover, the keeper of Brinewall, the Yambushi Tengu named Kikonu.

Zaiobe’s ambush proved effective, and, unsurprisingly, she turned on the heroes at the last minute, once she was sure Kikonu had been struck down. The heroes defeated her as well, though not without cost. Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan was shot! After that, it was merely a matter of mopping up some of the remaining inhabitants of the castle, including a priest of the demon god infesting the Decapus they fought previously.

From there, the heroes made their way below the castle, and unlocked the secrets of Brinewall Castle. In the third vault, they found numerous treasures seemingly custom made for them, as if fate itself had conspired to bring them to this place. But more importantly, they discovered the Warding Box and its contents, the Amatatsu Seal and all of its legacy was revealed to them in a vision.

Zap's Notes from Session 5

Killed Shio, Keena and their compatriots. Took Kendra to the authorities at the city I can’t remember the name of.

At the raised village we found a cloak pin with the symbols of rovagug and lamashtu on it.
Shio had Rovagug tatoos
Found bits of exotic metal from a falchion

Kendra told us about Matilda a half ogre sent north to work with some compatriot of Shio to the north.
We heard about a lodestone in the mountains
We investigated it.

Licking the Licktoads, Part One

Because of a bug in Obsidian Portal, the text from this log has been lost. I will try to fill it in later but meanwhile wanted to keep the statistics.

Attendees: Abraxus the Athlete, Daniyor Jal Raxease, Kenneth Whiteoak, Luke Moonsong, Stuart Mageson, Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan
Experience (each): 655
Experience (individual): 135 to Abraxus the Athlete for his Individual Athleticism quest and 135 to Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan for his Necrotic Knife quest
Dead or Fled: 3 ambush goblins, faceless stalker, wrathspawn, 6 goblins scouts, 1 giant snake, 6 goblin villagers
Near death experiences: Stuart
Quests complete: Rescue Walthus (revealed), The Soggy River Monster (revealed)

We Be Goblin Monkeys
Goblin assassins and leapin' lizards

Abadius 1, 4715 AR, Sandpoint

Ameiko Kaijitsu and Sandru Vhiski travel to Magnimar in order for Ameiko to obtain liquor supplies for the coming year. Shalelu Andosona meanwhile is investigating reports of increased goblin activity along the Lost Coast Road. Kenneth Whiteoak and Abraxus the Athlete are asked to watch the Rusty Dragon, and keep a sharp eye on Ameiko’s new cook, whom she suspects of stealing.

The party decides to celebrate Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan‘s birthday, with Ameiko’s blessing, at the Rusty Dragon. Meanwhile, Daniyor Jal Raxease learns that there has been some trouble with goblins along the lost coast road. Specially she learned from a local at the Pixie’s Kitten, that the Licktoad tribe of goblins have obtained fireworks, and they’re using them to attack merchant caravans. Three days earlier, some adventurers came into town after the goblin bounty and went looking for them, but haven’t been heard from since.

The birthday celebration came to an abrupt end, with the high-pitched shrieks of Frank, a local cobbler, running down the stairs being attacked by lizards. The party later learned that some goblins who had snuck into town looking for Shalelu Andosona, to collect a bounty on her head, had set loose the lizards from Shalelu’s private collection. Still more lizards dropped out of the rafters onto the PCs and chaos ensued for several rounds ending with 3 dead lizards, and 5 recaptured, primarily by Abraxus and Daniyor.

Upon investigation, the party discovered the body of the suspicious cook, who had his throat slit by a goblin kukri blade. When they were searching his body, they found a faded green tattoo of a scorpion on his chest. Luke Moonsong recognized this as a slaver’s guild tattoo for the Jade Scorpions, the very same slaver scum who kidnapped his sister!

Zap saw the bloody goblin boot print on the window sill, and just as Stuart turned to sound the alarm, 3 goblin assassins appeared. In the ensuing fight, Stuart was gutted and dropped to the ground (twice). Meanwhile, Abraxus clubbed one goblin to death, Dani fell down a trapdoor only to return and get the killing blow on another goblin after Kenneth slit the throat of the goblin harassing both of them.

After the fight, Zap pointed out that these goblins were Monkey Goblins, a particularly nasty breed from a nearby tropical island, who are usually in league with or even members of, the Red Mantis assassin’s guild. On the goblin’s corpses, they found a wanted poster which Zap translated. On one side was a crude drawing of Shalelu with a bounty out for her death (and only her death) signed by some kind of goblin chief (the linguistics skill only gets you so far). On the back was an even cruder drawing of Kenneth, and a bounty for him alive and delivered to the Jade Scorpions. The drawing of Kenneth was more recent than the one of Shalelu.

Attendees: Abraxus the Athlete, Daniyor Jal Raxease, Kenneth Whiteoak, Luke Moonsong, Stuart Mageson, Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan
Experience (each): 200
RIP: The cook, 3 monkey goblins, 3 lizards
Near death experiences: Stuart (twice)
Quests complete: None, but 3 goblin ears worth 30gp were obtained.

A brief history of recent events in Sandpoint

Five years before our adventure begins, the town of Sandpoint was beset by goblins who attempted to burn down the town’s cathedral. Thanks to quick actions of several, now legendary, town heroes, the city was saved from the goblin assault and the cathedral itself still stands.

Goblin attack 2

At the time, there were several tribes of goblins in the area, lead by different goblin chieftains. Today, only the Licktoad Goblins remain. Little is known about the Licktoads, save that their new chieftain hates and resents humans, and that they seem to make their home in the soggy marsh to the southwest.

Shalelu Andosona often patrols the less settled roads to the south, and serves as the de facto warden of Sandpoint. She played a pivotal role in warning the heroes about the goblin attack and her warning saved the town from destruction.

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