Basalt Monolith

The Basalt Monolith

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The former site of a dark altar, the monolith sites in the Stony Mountains along a rarely used path.


The heroes of Sand Points North found the altar following up on some information extracted from the bandits defeated in the Churlwood. The altar has since been destroyed by the heroes.

Of Note

A vein of quicksilver was discovered at the heart of the monolith. As long as it is not fully harvested, it restores itself at the rate of one gallon every six months, and the monolith can hold up to four gallons.

Each gallon of quicksilver is worth 100 platinum on the open market, but more importantly, each gallon, when prepared by someone with appropriate ranks in Spellcraft, can be used in the construction of a wondrous item as though the caster had the feat Craft Wondrous Item. Value beyond that of the quicksilver can be added as normal.

Basalt Monolith

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