Party Loot

Staff of Healing

Shared inventory
3 Light War Horses
2 Pack Horses

In Folding Cart
Spear of Thundering Blade (House Hikoko weapon)
Crystal Ball (Flawed subject automatically notices the scrying sensor)
Scrollcase (magically waterproof)
Enchanted Locks
5 Light Warhorses with Masterwork Saddles
Spider Fur
Dragon Scales, Teeth, Claws & Hearts Blood
Tribal Talisman
Dragon’s Teeth
2x Walrus Tusks
Headband of Perfect Memory
Yeti Trade Necklace (600GP Value)
100gp diamond dust
2x 1000 gp diamonds
water elemental gem

Party Artifacts:

Magical Tea Ceremony Tea Set
2x Samurai Guardian Statues
Folding Cart
Sashimono of Comfort

Jade Frog of Answers (All abilities at CL10)
*1x month cast Commune
*1x week cast Speak to Dead
*1x day cast Comprehend Languages

CoinStar Chest that doubles storage capacity and transforms gold into silver (with a 10% fee ie: put in 11 gold and get 1 platinum out).

Warding Box – 3 Items can be placed inside that are immune to scrying

Amatatsu Seal – Marked party as Scions of Amatatsu
5 Charges Daily can be used to:
Cure Serious Wounds (1 Charge)
Cure Disease (1 Charge)
Restoration (1 Charge)
Heal (5 Charges)
Ressurection of Scion of Amatatsu but becomes inert for one month afterward

Bags of gold

Darkwood & Silver Disc with an image of Brinewall under the Midnight Moon
Matching Disc Key

Party Loot

Jade Regent jithrae vegitafalis