Welcome to sandpoint

A busy coastal town on the Lost Coast Road in west Varisia, Sandpoint has recently settled into the new routine of serving merchant caravans. Featuring a harbor and a well guarded road to Magnimar, Sandpoint has become something of a boom town in recent years.

Founded in 4666 ar along the Lost Coast, just a day’s ride north of Magnimar, Sandpoint has grown into a rustic and prosperous town of just over 1,200 citizens. The town has dealt with a number of disasters in the past 5 decades, including several powerful storms, goblin uprisings, trouble with dragons, devastating fires, and deranged serial killers. Yet Sandpoint weathered these trials and emerged stronger after each one. Today, the town hosts several thriving industries (including lumber, fishing, farming, and glassblowing) as well as a number of unique businesses and entertainment venues. The town seems comfortable in its transitory position between rural charm and urban convenience, and is a healthy and vibrant settlement despite its slow growth.



Sandpoint offers several places to relax and spend the night, including taverns, inns, and even a brothel. The White Deer and the Rusty Dragon are Sandpoint’s two inns—their prices are comparable, but the Rusty Dragon specifically caters to adventurers, and its owner, Ameiko Kaijitsu, has been known to offer discount rates to adventurers in return for entertaining tales of their escapades. For taverns and eateries, visitors can choose between Cracktooth’s Tavern (specializing in amateur entertainments, ale, and crunchy snacks), Fatman’s Feedbag (specializing in enormous servings of mediocre food, rum, and bar fights), the Hagfish (specializing in seafood, gambling, and boasting), Risa’s Place (specializing in potato dishes, cider, and stories; particularly valued by the locals since this place isn’t well known by visitors), and the Rusty Dragon (specializing in spicy and exotic dishes, mead, and adventurers). The Pixie’s Kitten is Sandpoint’s only brothel, but its sense of style and panache belies the rural environs.

Rumors and Lore



Goblins have lived along the Lost Coast for as long as anyone can remember, but that certainly doesn’t mean they’re welcome. Viewed as pests by most and monsters by all, goblins’ reliance on the garbage of greater societies has ensured their simpering, cavorting proximity to better civilizations since the start.

Goblins are naturally craven, gleefully foolish, and ever eager to visit atrocity and pain upon those they encounter, a combination that one might think would have led to their eradication by their betters long ago. But goblins are fecund and stubborn if nothing else. Much to the distress of the rest of us, goblins are here to stay.

Sandpoint Devil


They say it’s bad luck to see the Sandpoint Devil—that it’s the son of a widow who brokered a deal with a devil to gain a child, and that it stalks children and snatches them from their beds through windows left foolishly open. They say the beast is so hideous that even drawings and pictures of the fiend are prone to bursting into flame.

That the Sandpoint Devil actually exists is not debated—it’s been sighted by too many reputable folk, and savaged too many innocent victims to be completely a myth. Rumors abound as to its lair and its genesis, but the Devil itself is very much a real creature—flesh and blood and smoke and fire and all.

Sea Drakes


Many are the terrors that dwell in the watery deeps of the Varisian Gulf. Hungry reefclaws, ravenous bunyips, and foul-blooded devilfish are well- known horrors to the fisherfolk of the region, yet the dreaded sea drake is perhaps the most ferocious of the Gulf ’s regular predators. As with the other terrors, these monsters prefer to dwell near coastlines, where they can prey upon their favored meals—fishermen and sailors. Their lightning breath and uncanny knack for capsizing boats to better get to the juicy morsels within have earned sea drakes a special place in the hearts of those who travel the Gulf—a place of fear and hatred.



They are not common among the cities and villages of Varisia, but the people of this land know well the stories of the tengus. Far to the south, the pirates of the Shackles believe them capable of absorbing bad luck, and keep tengu “mascots” on their ships to combat fate, while to the north in the Linnorm Kingdoms, the crow folk dwell in ghettos and earn rightful reputations as scoundrels and sneaks. To the Varisians, a tengu is at once a curriosity and perhaps something to be wary of, for the region has long been plagued by myths of demons who take the shapes of birds and seek to pluck the eyes and tongues of those who ask too many questions.

Sandpoint Hinterlands

“The Lost Coast numbers among the most picturesque of a thousand enchanting Varisian backdrops. Misty woodlands ornament a land of supple fields and mysterious cliffs like the fluttering scarves of native dancers. Swamps and rugged tors hold secrets known only to this ancient land’s lost peoples, daring explorers to peel back the ages and discover epics only guessed at by poets. Waves of emerald lap the wild coast, dancing before a ghostly chain of island mountains hidden even on clear days to all but the keen-eyed and lucky. This is truly a place of wonders. But as with any true treasure, its marvels do not go unguarded.”
—Cevil “Redwing” Charms, Esq., Eidolon

Sandpoint vista


Sandpoint hinterlands

Brinestump Marsh

After some exploration, the players found a map of Brinestump Marsh and a few of its trails and waterways.

Goblin map


NG small town
Corruption +0; Crime +0; Economy +1; Law +0; Lore +2; Society +0
Qualities Prosperous, Rumormongering Citizens
Danger +0


Government autocracy (mayor)
Population 1,240 (1,116 humans, 37 halflings, 25 elves, 24 dwarves, 13 gnomes, 13 half-elves, 12 half-orcs)

Notable Locals

  • Mayor Kendra Deverin
  • Sheriff Belor Hemlock
  • Town Priest Abstalar Zantus (Desna)
  • Nobleman Titus Scarnetti
  • Nobleman Ethram Valdemar
  • Noblewoman Ameiko Kaijitsu


Base Value 1,300 gp; Purchase Limit 7,500 gp; Spellcasting 4th
Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 1d6; Major Items

Savah’s Armory

  • +2 dagger 8,302gp
  • +2 spell resistance (13) studded leather armor 16,175gp

The Feathered Serpent

  • periapt of health 7,400gp
  • ring of feather falling 2,200gp
  • wand of magic vestment (27 charges) 6,075gp

Pillbug’s Pantry

  • potion of protection from chaos 50gp
  • potion of levitate 300gp

The Curious Goblin

  • scroll of mirror image 150gp


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