Wandering Star Caravan

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The Wandering Star is a Varisian Caravan that often runs all the way from Magnimar to Kalsgard and sometimes beyond. Sand Points North has traded successfully with the caravan on several occasions and now has earned their trust.

Help Wanted

One or two of the caravan’s wagons have signs dedicated to the Adventurer’s Guild of Magnimar, and boasts one of the notorious “Help Wanted” boards as seen in the Rusty Dragon. Currently the board contains only two entries.

  1. Wanted – Dragon’s Blood, 1 vial. An elven enchanter wants a vial of dragon’s heart blood, must be collected from the dragon is it is dying (or at least, while still warm). In return, will offer his Rod of Metal and Mineral Detection.
  2. Wanted – Ice Troll sightings. A local scholar seeks confirmation of the existence of ice trolls and offers a bounty of 2,500gp in choice of 1st-4th level arcane scrolls in his collection for accurate drawings and descriptions of the creatures. Will pay an additional 1,000gp for an intact skull or other significant and identifying body part.
  3. Wanted – Black ice. A gnome alchemist has heard that in the high ice regions of the crown of the world black ice oozes from the ground. Alleged to be highly toxic, the gnome would like 3 doses of the stuff. In return he offers 1,000gp worth of any potion he can make for each dose.
  4. Bounty – Giant’s teeth, upper canines only, 25gp per tooth
  5. Reward – Grek Narwhal has been slain, and the reward of 1,000gp earned.

Game Effect

The caravan, though massive, is only one of a series of caravans operated by the Pathfinder’s Guild. The intricate network of caravans and shops allows the heroes access to “order” items for later delivery. In game terms this tends to take around two weeks, at GM’s discretion. It consists of between 18 and 24 wagons, and just about anything (600gp or less) can be found for purchase. In addition, the combined purchasing power of the caravan is 3,200gp.

Wandering Star Caravan

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