A 3 foot tall winged female Azata


Brinewall Village’s oldest resident. Spivey has been stranded on the material plane after her mistress was eaten by “a hungry plant”. She keeps the cemetery and shrine to Desna in the village clean and free of undead. Now a cleric of Desna herself, Spivey is more than excited to see what seems to be the first friendly faces in Brinewall since she arrived ten years ago. Since the heroes have cleared the monsters from Brinewall Castle, she has agreed to accompany Sand Points North.

Since coming to Minkai Spivey seems a bit more aggressive than previously noted. She has taken to using a corrosive and shocking longbow (sized for her), and likes to hunt. Spivey has been seen trying to arrange her shock of floating green hair into bundles almost like dreadlocks and once even ate the heart of a squirrel she managed to kill.


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