Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan

I don't have to run faster than the dragon, I just have to run faster than the party.


Zaphendrius Aladroxan or “Zap” to his friends is a talented diviner with a chip on his shoulder and blatant disregard for authority.

Zap’s father is Incondus Cornelius Aladroxan a powerful wizard, trade magnate and political figure in Magnimar. Of Chelaxian descent, Incondus has strong ties with the Arcanamirium and diplomats in Absolom with which he regularly negotiates and trades. The Aladroxan have a summer home in Sandpoint at which Zap spent most of his childhood raised by tutors and maids. There he made fast childhood friends with Sandru Vhiski. Pushed around and bullied because he was small, intellectual and rich, Zap had few friends except for Sandru.

Zap the least Chelaxian Chelaxian you could find and was the chaotic influence in Sandru’s youth, always with the bad plans that got them into trouble. Zap living in his father’s stern shadow has always had trouble with authority figures or being told what he could and couldn’t do. He inevitably attempted to do what he was told not to and refused to do anything he was told to do.

His friendship with Sandru held fast because as good at getting them into trouble as Zap was, he always held up his end of getting out of it as well and was never one to leave Sandru in the lurch. Zap always had a plan, usually a painfully intricate one that had been thoroughly researched and thought through, possibly to an untenable extreme. While his motivation and goals were suspect, Zap’s execution was always thoroughly planned.

When they got older Sandru decided to go into guarding caravans and Zap’s father packed him up and sent him off to Incondus’ Alma Mater the Arcanamirium in Absolom. Hoping that Zap would be straightened out by the strict studies of the institution.

Once the Arcanamirium accept a student they make a wizard out of the student or the student dies trying. Zap has always had an adventurer’s spirit and a stunning lack of focus on his studies, he was meant to learn magic in the school of hard knocks not a library and so he’s a little behind the curve for a man his age. Zap was the sort to spend more time setting up and executing pranks or using his magical gifts and natural intelligence to try to cheat his way through school or reading epic chronicles of grand adventures, which he particularly relished. Zap has a strong distaste for most enchantment magic as he sees them as endeavors to remove free will from others. He also has a dislike of necromancy which he describes as ‘icky on a good day and villainous on a bad’. He has focused his studies on divination. His interest is really two fold, one is that knowledge is power and no good plan can be made without information. The second is that he feels like ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ are really the efforts of authority figures greater than man (gods and other divine powers) to remove the free will of men, he often feels the compulsion to attempt to defy prophecy for no other reason than to thumb his nose at the gods, especially if those prophecies are of a dire, dark or oppressive nature.

It has taken Zap two decades but he has finally earned his robe and wand and half a lifetime later gets his greater teleport home (the Dean an Archmagus Zahur Na’brando whom had grown to view Zap as his personal nemesis in the duration of Zap’s enrollment, was so overjoyed to finally be rid of Zap that he cast the teleport himself).

He has had intermittent contact with Sandru over the years and while they have the bond of childhood friendship, they don’t really know each other as well as men.

Zap returned to his fathers estate in Magnimar a year ago, itching to get out in the world and do something after twenty years in cloistered study. Zap knew that his childhood friend Sandru runs trade caravans signed on to ride along on a caravan with Sandru, but it was not as enthralling as Zap had hoped. Zap has spent the remaining year loitering in Sandpoint at his families summer hunting estate and occasionally travelling back to Magnimar to entertain his fathers attempts to get Zap gainfully employed as a vizier or wizard for this diplomat or that trade merchant, but Zap’s disregard for authority and inability to keep out of trouble has kept him from finding gainful employment. In Sandpoint he’s become a bit of a character, entertaining children with simple magic tricks and occasionally getting into trouble with disruptive but essentially harmless pranks. He spends most evenings in the Rusty Dragon listening to tales of adventures and correcting them on academic details of their tales.

Zaphendrius “Zap” Aladroxan

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